Sonubaits Pro Groundbait

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Sonubait Pro Groundbait. Developed by some of the best anglers in the UK and Europe for feeder and match fishing, Sonubaits groundbaits have a fine texture, bind well and are perfect for method feeder (and beyond!) . Super Sweet is a dark, very sweet groundbait designed for F1 carp and skimmers in sport fishing ponds. It was finely ground and then sieved, then sweetness enhancers were added. It is easy to mix and binds well to a Method Feeder and breaks down quickly due to the consistency and fineness of the ingredients used. The fine particles create an inactive mixture when moistened, perfect for rapid disintegration around the hook. The fine texture of the groundbait causes a light mist of attractants to form when it dissolves from the baitpusher!

Sonubaits groundbait Mixing Instructions:

Pro Super Sweet is simple to mix. Empty the bag of groundbait into a round mixing bucket, fill a 1-liter bait pan with water, pour it over the groundbait and mix thoroughly, then let it sit for 30 minutes, during which time the water will be absorbed. Then, for best results, a whisk can be used to remove any lumps and create a uniform consistency. While fishing, the sun and wind can dry out the bait a little; to remedy this, you can cover the mixed bait with a damp towel or, if it dries out, add a little water and mix again.



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