Sufix 131 G-Core

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Sufix 131 G-Core is the most reliable braided fishing line when casting, striking and fighting with prey! This Pe strand is constructed with 13 fibers (12 HMPE fibers + 1 GORE® Performance Fiber in the core). A single strand of GORE® Performance Fiber is surrounded by 12 precision-braided HMPE fibers. The construction has no weak points, which ensures consistent strength. GORE® Performance Fiber is the most abrasion-resistant textile fiber. This Sufix braid is as firm and round as monofilament, but has the same low elongation as PE fibers. No more slipping or knot-opening problems! In addition, the 13-strand structure increases the number of fibers at the knot, thus improving grip. The structure of the Sufix 131 G-Core is much rounder than that of any other competitor's 12- or 16-carrier braids. The rounder strand reduces drag in the water (during retrieval) and abrasion. The core fiber (GORE® Performance Fiber) prevents internal fraying of the line, making it more durable. A rounder line casts farther, quieter and more accurately. Eliminated center hole does not allow water to enter: no water means lighter line and longer casting distances.



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0.200 mm12.7 kg300 m
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0.200 mm 12.7 kg 300 m